VSA Michigan collaborates with educators in elementary and secondary schools to integrate dance, drama, music, and visual arts with the language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula in inclusive general and special education classrooms. Residencies include:  

artsJAM is our model program created by VSA Michigan and replicated throughout the state. This program provides high school aged youth with disabilities the opportunity to experience the arts while building life and pre-vocational skills. Participants are engaged in visual art, music, poetry and literature, dance, and theatre under the mentorship of professional teaching artists. Activities take the form of after school classes with each day devoted to a specific discipline in the arts. artsJAM meets the needs of youth with disabilities by creating positive arts based learning that directly addresses many of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, thereby enhancing their overall academic learning experience.

Currently, this program is offered in Detroit's Northend and Osborn communities, and in partnership with VSA Michigan-Genesee County in Flint. For information regarding these specific regional specific programs, please contact the host affiliate.

It has been very exciting for VSA Michigan to create a manual to help other organizations throughout the US to replicate artsJAM. We have created the manual in PDF, audio files, text, DOC 14 PT, and DOC 18 point. They can be found in the public dropbox artsJAM folder How to Establish and Operate an artsJAM Gallery and Studio Program Manual

For more information about replicating artsJAM in your community, please contact:

Lora Frankel










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